Alternative Spaces of Trisha Brown - Early Works

Many of Trisha Brown’s early works were designed to be performed in alternative, specific sites or in public spaces. Festival PLUS is delighted to bring some of these early pieces to the new Central and Western District Promenade with its gorgeous view of the Kowloon skyline. Stop by during your lunch or afternoon break and watch as dances unfold with simple movements and tongue-in-cheek humour that is the trademark of Trisha Brown.


Approx 1 hr with no intermission



Programme: A set of early works

(Pieces and their orders are subject to change)


Leaning Duets I (1970)
Leaning Duets II (1971)
Sticks I, II, IV (1973)
Accumulation (1971)
Group Primary Accumulation with Movers (1973)
Scallops (1973)
Spanish Dance (1973)
Figure 8 (1974)



*The outdoor performance might be curtailed or cancelled in case of inclement weather


There will be a meet-the-artist session at Tamar Park iBakery Gallery Café after the performance. Please click HERE for details.




Photo credit

Agathe Pouponey, Nina Vandenberghe 2008



24 Feb 2014 (Mon)





Viewing Platform No. 1,
Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section),
Next to Tamar Park, Admiralty


Click HERE for transportation and access.


Free admission